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Her father, and many other knights, were amazed at how well he could ride a horse and the king said to him one day: ‘Torrent, why is it that you despise these fine knights so much that you won’t accept the order of knighthood yourself?

’ ‘So may I prosper,’ replied Torrent, ‘but I need to take on another challenge before I should be made a knight.’ And he swore by the King of Heaven that he had had pleasant and perhaps prophetic dreams in his chamber at night.

The King of Portugal is happy to take Torrent into his retinue.

The young man was so brave in battle that the king gave Torrent the revenue of an earldom, with forests, fields and pastures to match.

If you will listen for a moment everybody, you’ll hear – through all this noise even!Torrent knelt down in prayer and asked Jesus for help.‘Lord,’ he prayed, ‘as you never did any wrong, for Mary’s sake let me never do any wrong either, and by doing so let me eat from the same bowl as you.But if I kill him while he sleeps, it will be a cowardly act.’ So Torrent blew his bugle to wake the giant up, and rode near to him.But the giant was sleeping so soundly that the blast from Torrent’s horn didn’t wake him at all. When Torrent saw that his bugle wouldn’t stir the giant, he secured his horse’s reins to a branch and began to climb the mountain on foot, for it was too steep for a horse to negotiate, without causing it too much grief from the spurs. At last he prodded the giant with his spear and shouted: ‘Arise, fellow! ’ cried the giant, as they began to roll over and over and over again, down the mountain.

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When Torrent had explained: ‘Are you telling me that you love my daughter? ‘You’ll have to pay for her in deeds of arms, be sure of that!

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