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In his heyday as the Godfather of Shock, Cooper said, "the Lord led me through everything, maybe allowed it but then started reeling me back in, saying, 'OK, you've seen enough, now let's bring you back to where you belong.'"Americans were stunned in 1964 when Cassius Clay, the new heavyweight champ, publicly aligned himself with the Nation of Islam and took the name Muhammad Ali.He later refused to fight in Vietnam on religious grounds. Just take me to jail.") Ali made his first pilgrimage to Mecca in 1972, became a Sunni Muslim in 1975 and, near the end of his life, embraced Sufism, a mystical take on Islam. Mary's" and a saint in 1948's "Joan of Arc," but not long after that Ingrid Bergman was condemned by the Catholic Church—and denounced as a "free-love cultist" on the floor of the U. Senate—for having a child out of wedlock with Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Bergman was a member of the Swedish Lutheran Church."I have never forgotten," says Sheen, "that even though I turned my back on God, in my time of greatest need, he came to find me."Raised as a Christian Scientist, Elizabeth Taylor turned to Judaism in 1959, between her marriages to Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher, both Jewish. "I feel as if I have been a Jew all my life," she said.Although Taylor didn't attend a synagogue regularly, she relied heavily on her faith. "We have a conversational relationship and those conversations calm my fears."Iman—the name means "faith" in Arabic—is a follower of Islam, though not a strict traditionalist.The Baptist-bred country star described his religion this way: "It's Jews who believe that Christ is the risen savior." The biggest challenge: He and Kim had to learn to sing songs in Hebrew. Sheen, but Ramón Estévez (still the actor's legal name) left the church in his 20s.Then, while shooting "Apocalypse Now" in the Philippines in 1976, Martin Sheen had a heart attack. A helicopter—a movie prop—flew him to Manilla, where a priest performed last rites.Raised Catholic, Julia Roberts underwent a religious conversion in 2009 while shooting "Eat, Pray, Love" in India.She now goes to temple with her family to "chant and pray and celebrate," she says, "I'm definitely a practicing Hindu." Roberts' production company, Red Om Films, is named after the sound and symbol considered sacred in a number of Indian religions.

The reggae star proclaimed his faith in Jesus when the archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church baptized him in 1980, a year before his death from cancer.Fred Astaire, who belonged to the Episcopal Actors' Guild, said he found "great comfort" at church after his first wife died in 1954: "I come out spiritually refreshed.It often helps me to go on." His dance partner was a devout member of the Church of Christ, Scientist.His father was an evangelist pastor and Alice Cooper would refer to himself as the Prodigal Son—until the late '80s, when he returned to his fundamentalist Christian roots."I stopped drinking and I started going back to church," he recalled in 2014.

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After that, the actor now known for "Law & Order" adhered to a strict kosher diet and prayed three times a day until his death in 2016.

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